Tom Prasada-Rao


Tom Prasada-Rao doesn’t really teach songwriting. He encourages and facilitates and strives to create an environment of comfort and safety – a place where anything is possible. His process is to learn by doing with scores of quick, fun exercises. It’s together, not top down – he never gives out an assignment that he doesn’t do as well.

TPR was the songwriting instructor at the University of Virginia’s Young Writer’s Workshops from 2000 to 2007. That program was modeled after The University of Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop. It was there at UVA, while creating the songwriting curriculum, that he developed his craft.

Over the years TPR has been on the teaching staff at The Swannanoa Gathering, SummerSongs, Lamb’s Retreat, Kerrville, Sister’s, and Rocky Mountain Song Schools, and Kerrville’s Boys & Girls Musicamp.