Nicola Gordon

Nicola with ukeNicola writes lots of songs. She plays guitar, ukulele and fiddle. She is a life learner and a joy facilitator, cultivating and sharing her process through music and workshops and coaching. Inspired by nature, acts of kindness, and a growing appreciation of life’s twists and turns, her intention is to grow in aliveness and inspire those around her to do the same.

There’s 5 CDs and presently a ukulele-inspired CD in the hopper. 3 CDs are original material; The last two are songs based on the poetry of Hafiz–an amazing 14th century Sufi poet (similar style to Rumi)- as translated by Daniel Ladinsky. She shares her creative flow with others teaching songwriting at the local college and doing workshops on creative flow and writing around the country.

Besides doing her solo shows and teaching, Nicola also plays in an ol’ timey girl-grass band called the Honeysuckle Possums: herself plus Susan Reeves, Lisa Macker, Ruth Alpert and Rebbecca Troone. They make a rowdy, genuine noise of foot-stomping glee. Three songwriters w/ three-part harmonies, fiddles, ukulele, banjo, mandolin (plus the usual guitar and base) and an o’l timey clogger…yep, they have fun.