Cadence Carroll

cadence-carroll-drumming_sm Cadence Carroll grew up surrounded by music. Her mother, who was a music teacher and taught while she was pregnant, claims Cadence got her sense of rhythm from nine months of listening to guitar playing while in the womb. Although Cadence’s first instrument was the violin, she quickly moved to guitar lessons taught by her mom in the basement of their home in Norwalk, CT. In college in Ithaca, NY, she fell in love with the sounds of African-Cuban percussion. There she found a passion and natural affinity for accompanying fellow musicians on the djembe, a large African hand drum.   Today, during the school year, Cadence can be found blissfully teaching art to kids in grades 3-5 but on the weekends, the beat goes on as she performs her own music and provides support as a back-up percussionist and vocalist.  She performs with Sloan Wainwright and has played professionally with Vanida Gail, Hugh Blumenfeld, The Kennedys, Ina May Wool, Cliff Eberhart and Terence Martin. She can also be counted on to jump onstage at a moment’s notice with almost anyone who asks for a little drumming.  Percussion is an outlet for the soul and Cadence believes all should partake in its gift!