Scott Ainslie

ImageStarting out after hearing the recently departed Virginia Bluesman John Jackson in 1967, Ainslie has been immersed in Blues and American traditional music. Ainslie took an independent BA in Music Theory and Composition from Washington & Lee University, and graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa in 1974. He has worked in avante garde and Broadway theater productions, toured in Europe under the auspices of the United States Information Service, and in addition to touring nationally and internationally has worked as an artist in educational settings, presenting teaching concerts on the African roots of American music. These popular teaching concerts illustrate America’s hidden music history with live performances of worksongs, blues, gospel and jazz. Ainslie is a mesmerizing historian and inspired musician who has a deep reverence for the tradition and history of the music he presents.

Drawing on the musical legacies of Delta Blues legends Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, the East Coast’s Blind Blake, and Durham’s own Reverend Gary Davis and Blind Boy Fuller; Scott is a noted performer and scholar with more than a decade of experience teaching elements of African and African-American music to students of all ages, both in the classroom and from the stage.

Coming of age during the Civil Rights era, Scott continues to have a deep reverence and affection for cross-racial exchange and approaches the tradition with the care and respect it is due. Scott honors the African and American roots of the tradition and presents a mesmerizing tour of both the music and the history of the Blues.

His newest cd Thunder’s Mouth is riding high on the charts for XM Radio’s Bluesville. More about Scott at