Sue Riley

“A life built around music” may be the best way to sum up Sue Riley.

Sue believes in the power of music to touch hearts and heal lives, and she loves to share her passion for music through a wide variety of means.

Sue has been the Music Director of Unity Church of Clearwater for the past 14 years, and involved in their music for the past 26 years, helping many folks find their musical voice. She served as the chairperson of Unity Worldwide Ministries Music Team for 11 years, helping screen hundreds of songs for compilation songbooks.

Sue is a founder of emPower Music and Arts, which is dedicated to “Changing the World, One Song at a Time.” emPower hosts the yearly emPower Posi Awards and PosiFestival in Florida, which recognizes excellence in songwriting for artists who create songs with messages of peace, interfaith, and joyous living. The festival is now in its 12th year.

As one of the leaders in the genre of “Posi” Music (standing for Posi-Tive Music), Sue tours the country performing in PosiPalooza Concerts along with great artists such as Harold Payne, Tom Kimmel, Sloan Wainwright, David Roth, and many others.

A prolific singer-songwriter, Sue has created 8 CDs of original, award-winning, uplifting positive music.


Writing a Humorous Song ~ with Sue Riley

Having a humorous song in your set can go a long way towards endearing yourself to any given audience. Much humor will come from the delivery, but a songwriter can use tailored methods and tools to make a song funny. A humorous song is different than a parody and can even poke gentle fun at the songwriter if written in the first-person. In this class, we’ll explore different kinds of funny songs and the components that go into them, then we’ll build our own from the ground, up.