Maura Kennedy

Maura Kennedy, a veteran East Coast singer-songwriter known for her angelic voice and straight-to-the-heart melodies is one-half of the Americana duo, The Kennedys. She has released more than a dozen albums in the past twenty years. Artists including Nanci Griffith and Southside Johnny have covered her songs. In 2015 she teamed up with widely published California poet B.D. Love to create “Villanelle: The Songs of Maura Kennedy and B.D. Love,” a highly anticipated and unique collection.

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The Rhythm Guitar Workshop – Maura Kennedy

Maura grew up with the guitar goal of being a great rhythm player. In her early bands, she kept the drummer right in tempo, and at a recent session in New York City, the bandleader told the bass player, “Stay in tempo! Follow Maura’s right hand!” Besides keeping a perfect groove, she specializes in coming up with parts that “sound like a whole band”. Her strong rhythm playing was the bedrock of many Nanci Griffith tours, and being a singer and songwriter, she knows how to use dynamics to bring out the lyric of a song and make one or two guitars get a big sound. There is a lot of music in that instrument, and Maura will show you how to get the most out of it. She’s also a truly caring teacher, and she brings out the fun in learning!

Performance Class: Overcome Jitters and Connect with Listeners – Maura Kennedy

Maura has been singing for audiences since she began staging her own shows on the back steps at the age of five. She’s been perfecting her stagecraft ever since, and her adult life has been spent traveling the US and Europe. She’s always shunned tricks and gimmicks, focusing on making her listeners feel the depth and breadth of a song as deeply and passionately as she does. To help you do the same, Maura will show you how to overcome nervousness before and during the performance, establish and keep a connection with every listener, and portray the kind of confidence that draws the audience in. Maura uses relaxation techniques, meditation, a panoply of stagecraft tips, and positive constructive feedback to show you how you can put your song across in the most effective way. You love the songs you sing, so overcome the obstacles that block you from showing that love to your listeners! Come prepared to play one song for the group.