Mark Dann

Mark Dann is a professional recording engineer and sideman/bass player extraordinaire. For more than 30 years, he has worked with hundreds of artists at his studios in New York City and Woodstock, including engineering and playing on the legendary Fast Folk Musical Magazine recordings.


How to Prepare For and Successfully Record Your Project

An architect wouldn’t put up a building without a blueprint. Start to finish, Mark will take you through the whole process sequentially through the week ~ answering the basic questions before spending time and money: Play and sing at the same time or not? Record to a click or not? How to record simple demos at home first to answer the above questions. Have other musicians present at the first session or not? To have a producer or not, practicing routines, etc. Mark will go through everything you can do before you take the big leap. Then comes a discussion of several recording and production techniques – the pros and cons of click tracks, singing separately, overdubbing musicians, etc. Without a plan, you might be painting yourself into a sad-sounding corner. Mark will cover several possible scenarios, with lots of examples. Recording vocals from A to Z, editing, mixing, and mastering. This is a masters degree in five days from a highly seasoned and transcendent music maker.

Mid-Day Potpourri

Master musician, engineer, and SummerSongs staple Mark Dann will again offer his mid-day variety of different one-time classes which will include guitar setup and adjustments, basic chart writing, learn how to accompany anybody on the bass in one class – even if you’ve never held a bass in your hands before – and Garageband 101 (Mac users). Come to any or all!