Glen Roethel

Glen Roethel brings a fresh energy to the SummerSongs experience. He is the founder of the now-reformed folk-rock harmony trio Gathering Time, and co-founder of, a website which presents news and commentary for the Folk, Roots & Singer-Songwriter communities. He teaches guitar, songwriting, harmony, and performance at SummerSongs and is known for his creative, fun multi-modal classes (which enrich players of all skill levels), plus legendary late-night jam-singalong-dance parties which ring out in the night after the evening coffeehouses and song circles have wrapped up.

He is an award-winning songwriter and 3-time nominee for emPower Posi Awards (Positive music), a jury-selected performer at NERFA and the 5th Annual Singer-Songwriter Cape May festival. He saw his song “Namaste” featured in a multi-media exhibit at the Presidential Museum in Texas for three months, and his songs, “People of the Earth” and “Morning Prayer” published in New Thought songbooks. (“People of the Earth” was later published in the Hal Leonard Corp songbook, 101 Inspiring Songs: The Ultimate New Thought Fakebook).

To Glen’s credit are six self-produced CDs (From Beginning to End, Smaller Things, Unfolding [solos, Inspireline Records]; Red Apples And Gold, Songs of Hope and Freedom [Gathering Time, Inspireline Records]; ambition [gush, Indigo Records]); beautiful compilations of new “healing” songs (Infinite Surface Of The Heart), winter holiday season songs (More Than A Season), and congregational songs/songbook (Go Out and Shine), from the Posi label, [emPower Music & Arts]; as well as guitar/bass/vocal/ukulele/keyboard/percussion performances and co-writes on gorgeous and award-winning recordings by Penny Nichols, Sloan Wainwright, Sue Riley, and many others.



Harmony for Everyone – David Roth and Glen Roethel

No better time in this world than now for some harmony! Join David and Glen in an all-levels exploration of singing together. This will include some basics on harmonic principles, locating the “wheelhouse” of your range, finding and holding your part, and singing fearlessly and whole-heartedly. We’ll explore 3-4 parts on as many songs as time will allow, and through our practice will start to train our ears to find our “place in the choir”.

Songwriting 101 – Vito Petrocitto Jr. & Glen Roethel

Never written a song before? Brimming with ideas that are all dressed up and no place to go? No ideas at all? Let’s roll up our sleeves together and start at the beginning. This all-levels class is geared especially towards those who are new to the craft but also to those who simply might like to strip down their own process a bit by looking through a different lens at this wondrous art form. We’ll write every day, brainstorm compelling individual themes worth writing about, examine the different elements that make a song, and engage in lively dialogue/exercises/demonstrations on topics like sculpting inspiration, developing universal truths from personal stories, tackling tough subject matter, and being honest.  We’ll also have fun in a safe, playful, supportive, permissive, and powerful environment and with any luck – and as time allows – we’ll get to hear some of these new creations during the week.

Coaching, Fun, and General Jammin’ Sing-Along Musical Mayhem!

with Glen Roethel.
Bring your favorite songs by the Beatles, Eagles, America, Steely Dan, Carole King, Temptations, CSNY, Dan Fogelberg, Penny Nichols, Sloan Wainwright, Bad Company, Van Morrison … We’ll all sing ’em, and bang on drums, tables and instruments to them!