Shadow Songs – by Steven Prasinos

In psychology “shadow” is a Jungian term referring to unknown, unsaid or unwanted aspects of the self.  The shadow is the source of inspiration and healing. To explore the shadow requires courage.  Without this courage, we are in a rut or have writers’ block.  With this courage, we find the seeds for songs that are fresh and energetic.  Such songs are healing for the songwriter and for like-minded listeners.   In this class, we will study the process of converting shadow material into song.   We will see how compassion, group support, and curiosity make the shadow less threatening.  We will see how universal shadow material is. As a class, we will support one another in transforming shadow seeds into songs.  These songs may be confessional (direct), narrative (stories), silly (exaggerated) and so on.  The class environment will be playful and supportive. Students will be free to choose to share their explorations or not.  The student will leave the class with a clearer understanding of how inspiration works and the treasures that lie within us.  The class is not group psychotherapy but rather a chance to experience how the heroic songwriter ventures into the cave of oneself for the sake of art.