How to Prepare For and Successfully Record Your Project

An architect wouldn’t put up a building without a blueprint. Start to finish, Mark will take you through the whole process sequentially through the week ~ answering the basic questions before spending time and money: Play and sing at the same time or not? Record to a click or not? How to record simple demos at home first to answer the above questions. Have other musicians present at the first session or not? To have a producer or not, practicing routines, etc. Mark will go through everything you can do before you take the big leap. Then comes a discussion of several recording and production techniques – the pros and cons of click tracks, singing separately, overdubbing musicians, etc. Without a plan, you might be painting yourself into a sad-sounding corner. Mark will cover several possible scenarios, with lots of examples. Recording vocals from A to Z, editing, mixing, and mastering. This is a masters degree in five days from a highly seasoned and transcendent music maker.