Introduction to African Drumming.

Cadence Carroll
by Cadence Carroll

Drumming is incredible! Many will attest to the fact that it is a healer of the body, mind and soul. For songwriters in the contemporary folk world, it is also a wonderful way to connect with the music, write songs, and accompany our fellow musicians in performance or just for fun.

This weekend we will:

  • Learn and review the basics of African Percussion, focusing on how to hold the drum, create 3 basic tones, and play without pain. We will focus on listening to the drummers around us, gaining confidence and experiencing the joy of African Rhythms.
  • Explore multi-part rhythms and, for those wish, add singing to our playing.
  • Go as far as we can. Beginner and experienced drummers are welcome. I encourage you to come and achieve a new level of mastery!

I truly believe everyone has rhythm, and all can reap the joy of connecting with the drummer inside. With a few basics under your belt, you can then adapt it to your own needs and musical styles.

Please bring a Djembe, Ashiko or Conga if you have one. Drums will be provided for those who do not.