Find Joy On Stage

Sloan Wainwright

by Sloan Wainwright

Sloan will provide a safe and supportive atmosphere all around performance:

  • – Song selection,
  • – Introductions,
  • – Elements of taking care of yourself on and off stage,
  • – Tools for preparing, practicing, facing and engaging happily with the audience.

Find your calm and peaceful center in the eye of the storm, and harness the energy of expression.

  • – Claim space on stage and be in the beautiful and exciting moment of performing – exploring the world of “owning it”!
  • – Experience being your authentic self and in-the-flow with the audience.
  • – Release your inner strengths to savor the moment so you can remember your performance instead of the memory being erased by nervousness.


We’re gonna talk about performance and check in with what you need.
We’re gonna get everyone up on stage.
We’re gonna have fun!

[Glen Roethel will assist.]