Guitar ~ with Jill Knight


This class will explore various strumming techniques and tips, open tunings and how easy and fun it is finding new chord patterns within them.

The pivot finger and the important role it plays in making a smooth transition from chord to chord for that seamless sound. Chord positions and finding new ways of playing the same old chords using different positions, and, adding more kick and spice by using flat fives, sevenths and ninths to your regular major chord.

A Year of Piano Lessons in an Hour and a Half ~ with Dale LaDuke

Dale LaDuke

Fundamental piano developed to teach music theory to children. Popular with professional musicians and beginners alike.



Format of Class

Instructor-led discussion; In-class writing exercises; Experiential exercises (singing, playing, working on musical ideas together); Assignments to complete during camp.

Learning Tools

Handouts, Students demonstrating new technique learned


One-time class, each session is essentially the same


Pen and paper


Beginning 5-String Banjo ~ with Phil Teumim

Set yourself apart from all those guys and gals with guitars! Put some instrumental variety in your set! And open yourself to all kinds of banjo jokes!
If you’re a guitar player, it doesn’t take much to play a little banjo. If not, we’ll still get you going.
We’ll work in the basic G tuning (look, ma, no hands!), and cover simple chords and strums. The goal is to walk out of the class accompanying yourself on banjo on one of your songs or a song of your choice. We’ll also take a look at the basic mechanics of the banjo, do a brief overview of various styles, and take a quick look at other tunings.
In addition to adding variety, writing on a different instrument can open up new approaches and get you out of a rut.
Who knows? Maybe you’re the next Bela Fleck.

Vocal Recording Technique – with Penny Nichols & Mark Dann

Here’s the workshop you have been waiting for! A chance to work with one of the most experienced vocal recording artists around in a real studio environment on one of your own songs! Learn all about how to give your best performance on a recording, how to communicate with the engineer/producer, how to stay on pitch, how to keep breathing, how to deal with anxiety in the studio, how to evaluate your performance, how to choose the best performance and how the recording process works. Plus you will leave the workshop with one of the best performances on a CD that you have ever done!