“Song Doctor” ~ song coaching with Sue Riley

Sue Riley

Do you have a song that you feel just doesn’t quite work? Are you wondering if there are any different chords that you can use for the bridge? Do you think there might be a more poetic way to say what you’re trying to say in your song? As songwriters, we have 3-4 minutes to convey our song to our listeners. In fact, many people tune out much earlier if the song doesn’t grab them in the first few seconds. In this class, Sue will use the “stars and wishes” approach to gently give ideas about how to fine-tune your masterpiece. Please bring a song that you’re working on and your instrument. We will get to everyone during the week. You can drop in but remember that you will also get ideas on how to fine tune your songs by watching the process with others. I can’t wait to hear your songs.

Grain Of Salt (song feedback) – with David Roth

Stuck somewhere in the middle? Here’s an interactive and participatory workshop for any songs or parts thereof that you might wish to have some input on. We’ll hear these songs-in-progress and become a collective think-tank about what’s working so far and what might be improved upon. It’s also an opportunity to hone your listening and feedback-giving skills as we work with each participant, as well as a chance to ponder the many elements – lyric, melody, rhythm, chord progression, key, arrangement, etc. – that make a song click.

Harmony Singing with Penny Nichols

Penny Nichols

Have you ever wanted to learn to sing in harmony better, how to do it and where it is appropriate in a song? You will have a chance to experience for yourself the fun and unique qualities of singing in harmony and how to begin to master the skills needed to sing in harmony well. You will learn listening techniques, how to recognize chordal relationships and how harmony fits into a melodic landscape. Don’t miss the fun of singing in harmony with your pals at WinterSongs!

Vocal Recording Technique – with Penny Nichols & Mark Dann

Here’s the workshop you have been waiting for! A chance to work with one of the most experienced vocal recording artists around in a real studio environment on one of your own songs! Learn all about how to give your best performance on a recording, how to communicate with the engineer/producer, how to stay on pitch, how to keep breathing, how to deal with anxiety in the studio, how to evaluate your performance, how to choose the best performance and how the recording process works. Plus you will leave the workshop with one of the best performances on a CD that you have ever done!