Songwriting From the Roots ~ with Brooks Williams

Brooks Williams

“Songwriting From The Roots” is a workshop in writing songs that sound and feel like “roots” music. We’ll examine a few key elements shared by both Americana and blues songs and then try writing our own songs “in the tradition.” Key topics include the musical and lyric structure as well as the specific chords and language used in some of the more traditional sounding songs. This is a hand’s on workshop with active writing, playing and singing. No previous songwriting experience necessary. We’ll use a couple classic roots songs as a roadmap to jump-start our creativity and get us inspired to think of our songs from an alternate perspective.

·         Instructor-led discussion
·         In-class writing exercises
·         Experiential exercises (singing, playing instrument, working on lyrics together)
·         Other:  examining and singing a couple classic roots songs

Learning Tools
·         Handouts
·         Use of Recordings
·         Students demonstrating new technique learned
·         Other:  playing and singing the classic songs as well as looking at songs that are being “workshop-ed” as we go along

Drop in students, can attend one or all sessions

Bring your instrument

Demo Workshop ~ with Mark Dann

Mark Dann

This class will cover what’s involved in making a great sounding demo of your songs. Through discussion and demonstration, Mark will explain in a clear and simple manner the methods used to make recordings, how you can properly prepare before going into a studio and how to make the most out of your time once you’re there. On day one, we will choose some of your songs to record in class. On day two, we will overdub percussion, vocals, guitar parts, whatever we want, and do a quick mix and burn a CD. Whether you’re heading into a studio to start your first record or if you would like to know how you can make recordings at home, you’ll benefit greatly from this workshop!