Vocal Recording Technique ~ with Penny Nichols and Ed Tree

Here’s the workshop you have been waiting for! A chance to work with one of the most experienced vocal recording artists around in a real studio environment on one of your own songs! Learn all about how to give your best performance on a recording, how to communicate with the engineer/producer, how to stay on pitch, how to keep breathing, how to deal with anxiety in the studio, how to evaluate your performance, how to choose the best performance and how the recording process works. Plus you will leave the workshop with one of the best performances on a CD that you have ever done! Penny Nichols is an award winning, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and vocal arranger. She has recorded and toured with everyone from Jackson Browne to Jimmy Buffett and has a doctorate in Education (psychology of music) from Harvard University. Penny is the founding director of SummerSongs and the guiding force behind the SummerSongs community of songwriters that now reaches from coast to coast. For more info on Penny visit: www.pennynichols.com