Jana Stanfield’s KISS Songwriting Workshop

  • · Would you like to have total confidence in your songwriting?
  • · Would you like it if songwriting felt easier?
  • · Would you like to be able to use the 2 Super Secret Songwriting Formulas used most frequently by hit songwriters?
  • · Would you like to write a new song, or polish up an old one, that you’re really proud to perform, and that expresses who you are as a songwriter?


This is an ideal class for beginners…or for those who want to brush up on the basics of their songwriting. Jana Stanfield is funny and the class is fun. No musical instrumental abilities necessary to use what you’ll learn in this class.

Secrets of Ear Worm Songs that Sell

If you want to write songs that win awards, sell a million copies, or just get people to request them at your shows, the key is in creating “ear-worms.” In this fast-paced, fun, workshop you will learn:

  • • Jana’s Essential Ear-Worm Elements for Melodies and Lyrics
  • • The 2 Most Popular Song Formulas, which you can use again and again to create songs that people enjoy, remember, and request.

Songs that win awards, earn accolades, and sell millions of copies are written from the two formulas you’ll learn.

A Year of Piano Lessons in an Hour and a Half ~ with Dale LaDuke

Dale LaDuke

Fundamental piano developed to teach music theory to children. Popular with professional musicians and beginners alike.



Format of Class

Instructor-led discussion; In-class writing exercises; Experiential exercises (singing, playing, working on musical ideas together); Assignments to complete during camp.

Learning Tools

Handouts, Students demonstrating new technique learned


One-time class, each session is essentially the same


Pen and paper