The Power of Music Practice

Post by SummerSongs founder Penny Nichols: Let’s think about practice for a minute:Why is it that we get to a certain place in our lives where we think we don’t need to practice anymore?  Practice is the heart of our skill.  It is the meditation of the body, mind and soul, working together to create something wonderful: a song, a record, a show.

If you have trouble finding the time to practice, please contemplate the view that time you do not spend in practice is an obstacle to your growth as an artist.  What is practice?  It’s you slowing down enough to really examine what it is you are doing and how you are doing it.  It is time to review and think about yourself and what you are presenting.

Take that time!  Take the time to play your songs and listen to yourself, take the time to start a new song, learn something new on your instrument, record yourself and listen back, a lot!  When I was a young,  up-and-coming singer/songwriter in Hollywood, I spent too much time worrying about what other people were doing and not enough time working on what I was doing.  Too many parties, too many gossip sessions over lunch, too many meetings,  none of that matters, what matters is what you are doing with your music and what happens when you get on a stage or studio and perform.

When I go to teach at SummerSongs West in June and SummerSongs East in August, I will be immersing myself in some great practice, learning and performance time.  Give yourself the gift of practice.

Penny Nichols is an award-winning singer and songwriter; an acclaimed vocal teacher; and founding director of SummerSongs, a not-for-profit organization for songwriters which produces annual retreats and camps for songwriters.