A Day in the Life at SummerSongs

Wonder what a typical day is like at SummerSongs?

The truth is, a typical day at SummerSongs is whatever you want it to be! If you want to fill your time to the brim with songwriting and music classes, coaching and evening activities, you can be busy all day and night.

But if you prefer to relax, renew and retreat, take naps and write on your own under a tree or overlooking the ocean, you can! You can do as LITTLE or as MUCH as you please.

Either way, the typical formal schedule at SummerSongs might look like:

1. Breakfast — buffet style with all of your musical peeps!
2. Class period #1
3. Class period #2
4. Lunch
5. Break — get one-on-one coaching time with your favorite teacher, take a short class with recording guru Mark Dann, or get together to jam with a new friend!
6. Class period #3
7. Class period #4
8. Free period — naptime? writing time? one-on-one mentor time? you choose!
9. Dinner
10. Open mics, song circles — join in or just watch!
11. Late-night jamming (if you’re still awake!)

Summer will be here before you know it!

SummerSongs West: Cambria, CA, June 3-7
SummerSongs East: Stony Point, NY, July 30-August 5

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