SummerSongs founder Penny Nichols honored as “Best of the West”

Our own Penny Nichols, founder of SummerSongs, was honored in October by the Far-West Folk Alliance Chapter as “Best of the West.”

Of course, we think Penny is Best of the West…and the East…and the North and South!

A whole bunch of members of our beloved SummerSongs community were there to cheer Penny on…and sing what has become a bit of a theme song for both the West and East Coast retreats…”Beautiful World,” written by Penny and her brother Rory Nichols. Here’s a video of them singing, including David Roth leading the charge:

After that, we all got a chance to hear Penny totally nail her speech, in which she talked about her early days as a singer-songwriter in Orange County and Los Angeles, and added some amazing, inspiring words about her thoughts about the music business today and the values and goals of SummerSongs.

“Community and building community builds confidence, it builds trust, it builds love, it builds good listeners, it builds support for all of us. When you can support each other and kind of let go of the whole concept of competition, stop thinking about music in terms of competition. That world that was competitive, it doesn’t exist anymore. We have the internet. Anyone can put anything out there. What you want to focus on is developing and growing and appreciating and listening to each other. That’s the main thing, that’s where we’re going with all this.”

There’s SO much more…check out the entire video of Penny’s speech here…plus her performance of “LA Man” with SummerSongs West’s Nina Jo Smith:

SummerSongs, founded by singer-songwriter Penny Nichols in 1999, offers seasonal songwriting camps (summer and winter) for adults on both the East and West coasts of the United States. The songwriting camps take place in the Hudson River Valley 30 miles north of New York City; and on the beautiful California Central Coast, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Both locations are perfect havens for songwriting and creative inspiration.

Join us for our 2016 retreats:
WinterSongs West: January 14-18: Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, CA
SummerSongs West: June 3-7: Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, CA
SummerSongs East: July 31-August 6  Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY

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