Six Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of a Songwriting Retreat

Ever wish you had a week, or even just a long weekend, to really focus on your songwriting and your music? Do you ever find that you just don’t have the time to grow, to think, to create, to share — like everything else in your life seems to come first instead of your songwriting?

That’s why a songwriting retreat, or “camp” is so amazing!

Here are six reasons you NEED a retreat to focus on your songwriting and music this summer: 

1. Time. Sometimes it’s too hard to make time in your regular daily life for your songwriting craft. A little “time out” to hone in and focus may be just what you need.

2. Inspiration. A songwriting retreat with amazing teachers and other musicians you admire can give you that dose of inspiration to keep you going year ’round.

3. Fresh ideas. Getting out of your usual space and into someplace beautiful and filled with nature (like SummerSongs at the Stony Point Center!) can help you generate new and fresh songwriting ideas.

4. New friends. In your regular daily life, maybe you don’t have a zillion other people who really “get” what you love to do when it comes to songwriting and music. At songwriting camp, everyone “gets” it.

5. Improved skills. Maybe you want to learn to play guitar. Maybe you know how to play guitar, but you want to learn to fingerpick. Maybe you know how to fingerpick, but you wish you could learn a few cool “licks” to add to your tune. At a songwriting retreat, you can learn all of the above!

6. Songs! You may have never written a song or perhaps you’ve written 100. Maybe you’ll write something new. Perhaps you’ll finally finish that song that’s been kicking around all year. Or, you’ll spruce up the song you always knew could be just a little better. All at songwriting camp!

Psst: At SummerSongs, you can address all six of the above reasons — for hundreds of songwriters of all levels of experience, it’s been song-changing and even life-changing!

SummerSongs, founded by singer-songwriter Penny Nichols in 1999, celebrates its 20th annual camp in 2018! SummerSongs, which takes place from July 22-28 in Stony Point, NY (just 30 miles north of NYC in the beautiful Hudson Valley) is a perfect haven for songwriting and creative inspiration. 

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