The Musician’s Palette. Music Theory ~ with Vito Petroccitto Jr.

I was sitting here thinking……..”What can I possibly want to share with folks attending Summersongs this year?”

The subject that keeps driving through my mind like a freight train is the “The Musician’s Palette” – at least that’s what I’ve been calling it for years. “The Musician’s Palette” is much like a painter’s palette of colors, only our paint you can hear! The painter has colors to paint a picture we can see. They’re beautiful colors – some straight, others blended together to create gorgeous tones for our eyes. The musician has the same thing, only our colors are “sound makers” like chords and scales!

In this course, I will show you the relationship between notes, chords, scales, keys, and how they all work in concert together to bring us beautiful pictures we can hear. Please join me in exploring all the wonderful vistas within sound. Applies to instruments of all kinds! It will also help you develop your jamming skills and give you more tools for your songwriting toolbox. If you’ve ever been stuck using the same four chords over and over again, this information might give you a new boost to get out of that rut!

What you could walk away with: a better understanding of theory, which chords go together in any given key, Vito’s “Page of Relations” (which is like throwing the circle of fifths at the wall and having all of its secrets become totally transparent!) Get to know the Nashville number system and then some. I’ve been instructing guitar for many years so I’m sure there will be something to gain here! Let’s get to painting!!