Melody Writing – with Abbie Gardner

There’s a reason the alphabet is sung to a melody… music reaches different parts of the brain than the lyrical/word-based mind. Melodies help children pay attention and remember the words. It’s the same with adults! A beautiful lyric won’t have the same effect if it doesn’t have a beautiful melody behind it. In songwriting, we spend a lot of time and energy crafting words, so let’s balance that out by playing with melody!

In this class we’ll explore some classic amazing melodies and find out why they work so well. We’ll look at how the combination of notes and rhythm, repetition, and tension and release, bring out the meaning in words and create emotion. The best way to learn is by playing with concepts in class, so expect a lot of class participation and fun exercises. Together, we’ll learn to write a hook, explore different ranges, write major and minor melodies, work with repeating motifs, etc. We’ll learn just enough theory to work with the concepts, but not get bogged down by it. Bring paper & pencil, an instrument and your ears!