Getting Unstuck – Songwriting with Abbie Gardner

At some point, we all get stuck. Songwriting becomes a chore, something intimidating, something we put off like doing our taxes. It becomes this magical mystical unknown and we have to wait for a breakup or some other source of inspiration to be able to write again. Not so! Songwriting is a skill like anything else. This class will use fun practical activities to get you writing again (or perhaps for the first time!). Tap back into the fun. Learn to unblock those creative channels and think outside the box.

When a baby learns to walk, she falls down over and over. She fails more than she succeeds, but she keeps trying because it’s not work to her – it’s play. When a painter stares at a blank page, there’s a fear and anticipation of making that first mark…very similar to songwriting. The painter needs to remember that it’s only paper. The songwriter needs to remember that it’s just a song. It doesn’t cost a dime to write a song! And it’s a simple fact that the more you write, the better you get at it. Together, we’ll get past the “blank page fear” and learn to support our own creativity. Lots of hands-on participation and hands-on practical techniques for getting unstuck.

Experienced songwriters – as well as beginners – can benefit from this class. Please bring paper, something to write with, an instrument (if you play one), and a recording device (smart phone is fine) if possible.