Why attend a songwriting retreat? Six reasons from our returning “campers”

Are you ready for a songwriting retreat in 2017?

Here’s why some of our returning SummerSongs “campers” are so excited to come back!

A safe creative environment

“SummerSongs is a safe environment for creating and sharing creative endeavors with other like-minded spirits. I’ve met so many wonderful people at camp with whom I have subsequently worked and “played,” that I now call our SummerSongs community ‘The Tribe.'”Britta Lee Shain

Long-lasting friendships

“I am excited to return because I can’t wait to reunite with my American friends and make a whole lot of music together!”Caroline Grant

Awakening the songwriting heart

“This is the place my songwriter heart was awakened and I was introduced to a whole community I didn’t really know existed. I feel so lucky it was the first songwriter camp I attended. The caliber of the teachers, the physical setting and the altruistic philosophy encountered here is a true delight for this seeking soul.”JoNita Beede

Gaining new music and songwriting skills

“I love the people at SummerSongs and WinterSongs and it’s the greatest greenhouse for growing my skills.”Nina Jo Smith

A boost of creative energy to feed the muse

“We share a creative and cooperative energy that works like megavitamins for the muse in each of us.”Tom Hubbard

A growing artistic community 

“This is a community that is constantly expanding and growing, creating an opportunity for all participants to grow musically, as well as personally. My family now consists of many of the SummerSongs and WinterSongs participants, a family that continues to support and challenge those who desire to grow as an individual and as a songwriter.”Jaynee Thorne

SummerSongs, founded by singer-songwriter Penny Nichols in 1999, offers seasonal songwriting camps (summer and winter) for adults on both the East and West coasts of the United States. The songwriting camps take place in the Hudson River Valley 30 miles north of New York City; and on the beautiful California Central Coast, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Both locations are perfect havens for songwriting and creative inspiration.

Join us for our SUMMER 2017 retreats:
SummerSongs West, June 1-5, Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, CA (teachers include Severin Browne, Brett Perkins, Ed Tree, Michael McNevin, Joyce Woodson, Steve Postell)
SummerSongs East, July 23-29, Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY (teachers include Abbie Gardner, David Roth, Sloan Wainwright, Vito Petrocitto, Sue Riley, Glen Roethel)

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