Joy in Music: Q&A with Joyce Woodson

1.  When did you realize you were destined for a life in music?

When I was 15 years old I played the open mike at the Four Muses — a little “folk club” that featured acoustic musicians and songwriters from all over the country. When I got up and sang a new song I had written I experienced a profound connection with the same small audience there. I felt a camaraderie with everyone there and knew if I stayed with music I would never have to be alone or sad again for long.

2.  Can you tell us what your most exciting moment on stage has been?

When I won “Song of the Year” in 2008 in Albuquerque from the Western Music Association, I could hardly find my way to the stage to accept the award because tears of joy and gratitude filled my eyes. The love and warmth I felt from that recognition still live on in my heart. Why was that exciting? I was honored by others as a writer — something I worked for all my life.

3.  What will students learn in your classes?

I want my students to find what brings them great joy in music. Then  I want to help them give themselves to that experience. There are many ways to write songs.  I want to teach how to find one’s own style and direction.

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